GreenCup Digital

Their clients didn't get in business to mess with the internet. But they did.

New brand look for new ownership of a web, SEO and social agency.

Green Cup Digital logo super imposed over a developer's screen on a laptop


GreenCup Digital is a Grand Rapids, Michigan based web, SEO and social media company. They came under new ownership and needed a new look. This brand needed a mark that could stand out in a strong way, but also be as welcoming as a cup of coffee shared between friends.

What we've done so far

1. Strategic Discovery / Brand Discovery

2. Logo Design

3. Brand Guidelines

4. Website Design

5. Infographic Design

6. Icon Design

7. Illustration

8. Pattern Design

Green Cup Digital logo before and after redesign.
Green Cup Digital logo variations on a black background to show usability.
Secondary Logos
Green Cup Digital Website Homepage Design.
Website Design
Green Cup Digital business card mockup.
Business Card Design
Green Cup Digital animated process infographic - Discover - Design - Develop - Deliver!
Animated Infographic of Website Process
Green Cup Digital icons for Web, Content, SEO, Social
Icon Design
Green Cup Digital logo mocked up on a baseball hat and black hooded sweatshirt.
Green Cup Digital mug sticker on a laptop.
Logo of Green Cup Digital illustrated and gritty on a brick background.
Brand Illustration
Brand Illustration for Green Cup Digital with a pot of coffee and a green mug.
Brand Illustration
Green Cup Digital pattern design
Pattern Design

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